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usa rehearsal/tour videos

live sessions on the web and john douglas’ short tour videos…check out his youtube channel.

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chicago show update

schuba’s is increasing capacity slightly (i.e. squeezing a few more people in) so there are some tickets now available for the show on august 9. this show will sell out (again)…so if you don’t have tickets or know someone looking, get them now.

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new usa promo appearances

we’ve added a few more promo appearances during the usa tour. some will air live, some will be delayed. see the list of events at right.

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welcome back

welcome to the trashcan sinatras’ official website. if you’ve been with us over the years, you’ve seen a few site overhauls and this is the latest, coinciding with the band’s usa tour in support of the upcoming release of in the music.

read on for more information about the site redesign and where to find everything.

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in the music limited edition update

autographed copies of the in the music limited edition were mailed on august 3rd!

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