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Got together, got drunk, tried to make a decent sound, got a record deal, obsessively made "Cake", toured with a bad attitude, came to some conclusions, confidently made "I've Seen Everything", toured with a better attitude, wondered how to make another album, desperately made "A Happy Pocket", went bust, worried, got drunk, got angry, got over it, cautiously made "Weightlifting", toured in a great mood, happily made "In The Music", toured (a bunch), wonkily made "Wild Pendulum", toured (once), came to some conclusions, stripped it all right back to basics...and that’s where we find ourselves today!

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info (at) trashcansinatras.com

Frank Keith @ Baby Robot Media - frankkeith (at) babyrobotmedia.com
Joy Collingbourne @ MOB Agency - joy (at) mobagency.com

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