Trashcan Sinatras – On Tour in 2018

march 2011 tour quiz

to promote the trashcan sinatras’ 2011 acoustic tour, we have prepared this video quiz. for each tour city, there is a picture – your challenge is (1) to name the person/place/thing in each photo and (2) name the connection to the city. you get one point for each correctly identified image and one point for each correctly identified connection. e-mail your answers to info “at” with “quiz answers” as the subject. the contest is open to everyone and ends on march 1.

prizes for the top 3 scores are invitations to a soundcheck at the nearest gig on our upcoming tour, free entrance to the show and a chance to chat with/interview the band. if the winner cannot make any of the shows, a skype chat will be arranged and some signed trashcan sinatras goodies will be provided.

good luck to all and remember, the contest closes on march 1. answers will be posted after the competition closes.