Trashcan Sinatras – On Tour in 2018

2010 round up

Ok folks…here is a round up of what we did this year…

It began in Japan, our first shows of the year were played in March but there was a spate of backroom activity before we headed for Tokyo. Our Japanese friends from the band Sunny Day Service were due to play shows with us on the Japanese tour.  They wanted to record something to play at the shows with us and also release as a record. We sent them a demo of a song that we had recorded in the mid-nineties at our Shabby Road studios in Kilmarnock. We were never that happy with the recording we had made, but it seemed like it might be something that could be resurrected with outside input. Mr. Sokabe, writer and singer with Sunny Day Service, wrote a Japanese lyric to our song and recorded a vocal for us – we were charmed and pleasantly surprised at the result. The English and Japanese recordings were made available at the gig and called the Town Foxes EP.  The shows were sold out and fantastic nights, we had all the Sunny Day Service guys onstage to play the song with us.  Watch it here.

We also played our debut Japanese acoustic show, in Tokyo and fell in love with playing stripped down to the bones. Not much sleep is ever had by us in Japan, the jet lag and general other-worldliness of the place sends the body clock reeling. When you leave the place and reflect on it, the memories are all a beautiful, blurry dream.

Come April, we saw the release of In the Music in the USA, the video for “People” and a June USA tour were announced. These shows were with the full six piece band, crossing the country as spring turned to summer. The new songs had a real rejuvenating effect on us and the older songs became less loaded with baggage and better company. There was a power to the music. It felt good to know we could conjure it up.

We also indulged in an acoustic show on this tour. It was the first of our ‘house party gigs’ experiment – in Portland, Oregon. We were nervous at the thought of playing someone’s house, but we had been sent pictures and we had our financial and sound requirements fulfilled so…we said yes. It was a nervous occasion but fulfilling. We met some great people and really appreciated our reception. We played well into the night and had ourselves a little bit of a party. We also indulged in an online Tour Video Quiz that got a tremendous response. Still online if you want to try it.

Next up, In August we did a spot of Trans-Atlantic recording. We were commissioned to record a version of The Beatles song “Hello Goodbye,” by our Japanese publishers to pitch for a TV advert for Tokyo’s Narita Airport. Paul demoed a version in Los Angeles and, by chance, Frank was over in the Glasgow. So Frank, Stephen and I went in Kyoti Studios in Glasgow with Paul’s demo and recorded the song with help from Eddi Reader on vocals. The song made it to the advert and the Trashcans colliding with the Beatles can now be heard booming out of Tokyo TVs. Both Paul’s demo and the finished track will be available on iTunes, etc. next year. Watch the advert here.

August also saw the first Trashcans duo gig. Paul and Frank played a short set at the Lightbulb Mouth Radio Show in Long Beach. We finished the year with an acoustic tour of the West Coast of the USA.  Our show at the legendary McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Los Angeles was a particular highlight. I made my stage debut as a piano player…watch it here. We played a few house party shows to finish off the tour – one in Las Vegas, where we were joined onstage by the party’s host, Lee, for a rendition of “A Coda”… watch it here; and our final show of the year in Pasadena, where our host, Charles, proposed to his girlfriend and was successful, thankfully.

We also participated in “Generation X,” a collaboration between Scottish artists and students to create new song interpretations and accompanying videos.  Eddi Reader joined us for “Weightlifting”, which you can see here.

The year would not have been as successful or as much fun without our USA crew – Tour Manager, Ben Marts, and Sound Engineer, Sean Haney. If you see ‘em shake their hands and buy ‘em drinks. Also our manager, Robin Morton deserves a raised glass for all the organization and love put into our journey. Our merchandise impresario, Mr. Iain Wilson, went the extra mile this year and our hats are off to him. Mr. Joe DiMaria yet again has been a source of strength and wisdom. And a huge bunch of roses goes to our relatively new compadres…the mercurial Mr. Stevie Mulhearn gracing the keyboards and the sweetheart that is Mr. Frank Divanna gracing the bass guitar.  A big thanks to anyone who came along to a show, bought a CD, downloaded a track or recommended us to a friend.  2011 should see our back catalogue being re-issued and live dates should surround the release.  A new record will brew and ferment…

Enjoy this video I filmed in Irvine on Christmas day.  We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season and we shall see you in the new year.


John and the Trashcans XXXXXX