Trashcan Sinatras

album 6 – welcome aboard!

Hello everyone,

John here, welcoming you on behalf of all the Trashcans. It’s been a while since we released new music, but that is all about to change, and we’re extremely pleased to announce that we will begin recording our sixth album in the coming months. Writing has almost been completed, both studio and producer are in place, and it’s at this point that we would like you to become involved. We have joined forces with PledgeMusic to invite you to become a fellow traveller on our journey, and together we have concocted a series of “exclusives” offering unique content, merchandise and experiences.

How Pledging Works
When you pledge you’ll gain exclusive access to all content and updates we post during the campaign, plus a digital download of the album when it’s finished. Along with that, you’ll be able to access all the exclusives we update during the campaign and recording. Also, you’ll see we’re offering vinyl editions, liner-note love, lyric sheets, a few quirks. All in all, we think we have a menu that you will enjoy perusing and choosing from.

On behalf of all the Trashcans I want to express our thanks for sticking with us through the years and we hope that this new PledgeMusic venture is an acceptable way forward for us all in what are interesting days for musicians. We look forward with humility to our journey together towards what will be a wonderful new Trashcans experience. And doesn’t that thought warm the heart?

With love,