Trashcan Sinatras

band update

hi folks,

frank here. how are you?

some of you may be wondering what’s going on at the moment, so here’s what is. there will be a new record from us in the future – and most of it is written – but we won’t be recording it this year, mainly because our midfield generalissimo is in the treatment room. as some of you may have read on the message board, john was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis recently, and this week, he goes into the caring hands of the NHS for the first of 3 major operations over the next 6-12 months. the expectation is that after about 6 of those months, he will be back to full johnness and be able to jink through the defences once again (go into the studio, that is). we just want to say thanks to you for bearing with us over the last year. we know there have been one or two false starts, but what else is new, huh? just think of the past 20-odd years as training for this moment…

on a personal note, i’ve been frankly astonished by john’s outrageous fortitude throughout the past year or so as he’s dealt with the effects of such a debilitating condition as UC. to manage the struggles he’s had with the illness itself, and to deal with the disappointments and frustrations he’s experienced in the mosaical world of medication, while throughout still maintaining his passion for writing and recording magical music, still bashing his les paul, touring the world with his ukelele, shooting videos, literally and figuratively forever searching for sunshine…still laughing and giggling, imparting wisdom, whipping me at scrabble (sometimes), loving and caring for his family, and remaining the wholly wonderful guy that he is…well, i’m embarrassed by the likely contrast to myself in the same position, to be honest.

i know all of you out there want to join with us, his friends in the band, in wishing him success in the theatre, and a swift and complete recovery from this awful condition.

get well soon, john!