Trashcan Sinatras – On Tour in 2018

band/tour update

(most of this was sent out as an e-mail to the announcement list on 7/27…signup is in the top right corner of any page)

here is an update as the main part of the usa tour starts tomorrow in san diego. the band played in san juan capistrano and at the fuji festival in the last week or so.

1. the band recently added some tour appearances:

july 28 san diego, ca – kbzt 94.9 (radio session – early evening)
july 30 san francisco, ca – a second show has been added at cafe du nord (also playing on the july 31)
aug 1 sacramento, ca – r5 records (in-store at noon)
aug 5 park city, ut – park city tv (airs around 6:00 pm)
aug 7 boulder, co – albums on the hill (in-store at noon)

2. the band is still working to add a few more in-stores and radio appearances. given the travel schedule, they are looking at the following non-tour cities for possible in-stores:

boise, id
pittsburgh, pa
columbus, oh
baltimore, md

if you’re near one of these cities, we’d love to hear from you so we can get an idea how many fans are there. also, if there are any cool record shops that do in-stores that you would recommend in those cities, please let us know.

3. if you are willing to videotape any shows, please let us know and we will look at getting you onto a taper list. some venues have given the okay and we’d like to have people recording where possible. if you see this afterwards and managed to videotape part or all of a show, please contact us at info “at”…the band would like to get a copy.

4. press/promotion

if you work in media (tv, radio, newspapers, websites, blogs, etc) and would like to help out by arranging a performance, interview, article, review, etc., (or if you know someone who does or have any suggestions) please let us know. there can never be enough media awareness!

5. if you would like to be part of the tcs street team, you can download a tour poster (11×17) and flyer here.

please leave the posters/flyers in places that you think will help get some attention. please contact your favorite music/entertainment blogs/websites to let them know about the tour and upcoming album or send us suggestions.

radio has been targeted in tour (and a few non-tour) cities and a list will be posted on soon for fans to request the trashcans. even in this internet age, radio still sells concert tickets and the band can use your help to spread the word.

6. will be relaunching shortly and will be updated with recent press/interviews, set lists, new merchandise (there are 4 new t-shirts and a new cd that will be sold on tour and on the website) and other information.

7. other release/tour info

the special edition of “in the music” is still available for pre-order. most copies ordered by now have been mailed, but some still need to go out soon, including the autographed copies.

the band is still working to secure a new record deal in the usa and is hopeful that something will be in place in september/october.

the uk/ireland release is sept 14.

“i wish you’d met her” has been released as a single to radio in the uk and has been getting a fair amount of airplay and attention. “people” and “morning star” will follow.

the band filmed a performance video for “i wish you’d met her” last week.

a uk/ireland tour should be around september/october.

the band is looking at europe, australia, japan and tnorth america for tours later this fall through early 2010.

the back catalog (plus bonus tracks) should be released in Q1 2010.

don’t forget that the band is also on myspace, facebook, twitter, ilike and reverb nation, so please try check those sites periodically, as well as the community. we thank everyone for your support and hope to see you on the road!