Trashcan Sinatras

updates and reminders

wild pendulum was released to our pledgemusic supporters on april 22! the cd is available for preorder from your normal online stores and retailers, with a may 13 release date.

the band heads to baltimore next week to begin rehearsing for the upcoming usa tour, with the first show in baltimore on may 13. over 25 days, the band will cover more than 5,000 miles to play 19 shows, including 4 acoustic house parties. tickets are still available as of today, although most shows are sold out of their vip tickets and others are close to selling out general admission. for the show in highland lakes, nj on may 21, an online ordering option is now available. see the live dates at right for links to purchase tickets to all shows.

we’ll have some cool new merchandise on the tour and the website shop, so keep an eye out.

fans have been asking about future tour dates and while there are no other shows planned at this time (other than the fuji festival in july), rest assured that we’re working on it, as we would like to get to as many places as possible in support of wild pendulum.

we’ll be back with more updates soon…