Trashcan Sinatras

welcome back

welcome to the trashcan sinatras’ official website. if you’ve been with us over the years, you’ve seen a few site overhauls and this is the latest, coinciding with the band’s usa tour in support of the upcoming release of in the music.

the layout is a little bit different than the last site, so click around to see where everything is…there are major navigation items at the top (home/discography/community/store) and sub-category navigation (for each major item) to the right.

to help you out a bit:

the home category has most of the sections from the prior site:

    audio/video (streaming and downloads)
    band info
    general info/news
    gigs (archive of shows and set lists)
    guitar chords
    recording sessions info

the discography is sortable by release.

the community is the band’s message board.

the store is sortable by type of merchandise.

in addition to categories, you can also view posts based on the date they were published.

links to other popular trashcan sinatras pages (facebook, twitter, myspace, and reverb nation, so far) are at the top right of each page. you can also subscribe to the rss feed.

with the band expected to be on tour for a while, we’ve moved the concert dates to the front page (at right), and they’re always visible, no matter where you are on the site.

the band’s twitter feed is automatically mirrored to each page as well.

we’re still migrating content from the prior trashcan sinatras site and certain links may take you to the prior site until that particular content is moved over. you can always return to the site by clicking your browser’s back button or going to

we hope you enjoy the new site. if you have any questions, you can always e-mail info “at”