Trashcan Sinatras

2017 north american acoustic tour announcement

we’re excited to announce our upcoming acoustic tour of the united states, as well as one appearance in canada. we currently have 22 dates scheduled, plus two house parties, with additional dates still to be added.

in 2017, the band celebrates 30 years together, which seemed a good time to revisit the band’s catalog of work. over the course of the tour, frank, john and paul will play each of the just over 100 songs that the band has written and recorded to date. prepare for deep album cuts and obscure b-sides, many of which have never been played in concert, along with fan and band favorites.

tickets are already on sale for many shows, with others going on sale next week. most shows will offer fans the opportunity for limited VIP upgrades, which will provide personal time with the band and exclusive merchandise. more information will be available soon.

more information will also be provided for house parties, which have a limited number of tickets.

the press release announcing the tour can be found here.

we look forward to seeing you on the road. stay tuned for more information!