Trashcan Sinatras

glasgow sessions

update – september 26, 2002

to all readers,

hello again. it’s been another gloriously sunny wednesday in glasgow, and i’m sitting now in the house with a touch of autumnal sunstroke, listening to mix after mix from the now-complete recording sessions at riverside studios. the neighbours across the street are again watching my every move, and while it’s a poor substitute for the adoration of millions, it feels right to be looked at.

the first thing that strikes me listening to the songs (after “how do we pay this studio bill?”) is that there are thirteen of them, and that maybe we should try and work out how many of them should be on the cd. “thirteen! or ten! or eight, or two! just release something” i hear you say. “let us hear them first and we’ll tell you which ones are crap!” i hear you say. “write some more songs and delay the album another year!” i hear you say. there is no doubt but that we wish we could accomodate you all and relieve all your impatiences. as it is, we have almost gotten to the point where such things as songs, mixes and even running order are decided, but some songs require further mixing. boo to you too. meanwhile, friends in the finer arts are working on sleeve ideas.

again, i’d like to say thanks to everyone who has contributed words of encouragement (and frustration) for all your support and continued anticipation. we are working with the means at our disposal to bring you this (we think) very pretty record as soon as possible. to while away your time meanwhile, why not write in your questions to band member paul. he has agreed to be the first trash can to be grilled about anything and everything you choose. admin will collect all the questions submitted by october 11th and pop ‘em to paul. or you could write to your elected representative declaring your abhorrence of any war against the bogey men of iraq. whatever you think most important.

lots of love,

francis r.