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glasgow sessions

update – march 25, 2002

the band has recorded parts of 11 songs at this point, and has around 9 days left in the studio. they’re finishing the recording of the organ and percussion and then will begin adding vocal tracks the rest of this week. they’ll then be away from the studio, returning the second week in april to record strings and wrap up any other loose ends. below is an update from paul lvingston:

mysteries are being solved during this week of recording. first, frank saw a flying saucer split the sky like a sheet, proving the existence of life on other planets (or inside ours), then, “the best footage for years” of the loch ness monster was shown on the news, halving the odds at the bookies for finding the dinosaur. it is not a seal!

back in the corporeal world, the recording of our new album gathers momentum. grant came on saturday and made like john entwistle on a new song known to us as ” the j, geils band”. we only know one of their songs (“centrefold” of course) but we think ours has the same late seventies good time rock ‘n’ roll feel about it.

davy hughes is here today recording the bass for “country air”, “leave me alone”, “trouble sleeping” and “freetime”. it is always good to see the hughes.

all that’s left to do is singing, bass, strings and some percussion, and i can confidently say that it’s the best stuff we’ve ever done. i can’t wait for you to hear it.

that’s enough from me. the next entry will be from john.

lots of love,