Trashcan Sinatras

glasgow sessions

update – may 20, 2002

hello again. stephen is away in spain, so you get me instead. sorry girls.

in a way, it’s inappropriate for me to be reviewing the last week, inasmuch as it was mostly spent recording lead vocals, and I don’t seem to hear these vocals the way the others in the band do or the way all you out there hear them, so I could be wrong in thinking my voice transported all who heard it, and that the performances were truly beautiful – magical, even. now that i think about it, it is a bit weird that stephen chose to go on holiday this week of all weeks.

most of the songs are ready to be mixed in the middle of june, though there are three songs still to be sung (lyric difficulties) and a few backing vocal niceties to drape over the whole thing before we can tuck away the microphones for good. on the whole, the vocals were pretty easy to do – thanks go to the robust backing track for that – and the only real difficulty we came up against was my tendency to stamp my feet whilst singing, creating a subliminal thump that would have driven the audiophiles insane. since i refused to calm down or to take off my shoes, duncan had to make technical allowances. it was either that or new, deep shag carpetting.

norman blake from the teenage fanclub came in on friday to sing harmonies on one of the songs. without getting too gossipy, he drives a honda civic (best car in the world) badly, sings in the dark, has a great rock’n'roll voice, was born the day before me, and chews chewing gum a lot. we thought him a real friendly charm, and his voice sounds just beautiful.

car trouble: on thursday, paul was going to receive a driving lesson around the studio car park but he turned the key with too much enthusiasm and broke the starting motor. the next day i skidded off the road at 10 m.p.h. and into some trees. paul is suspected of foul play – he wants me out and norman in.

john’s portrait-in-progress of tcs at work in the studio continues to cause great controversy. paul says his legs are too short for his body, i look like an elf in the corner, stephen is unhappy at resembling davie and vice versa, and duncan wants more hair. we all agree, however, that john has captured the studio equipment perfectly, and that he shows great technical promise – like hitler.

i moved into a new flat in the southside of glasgow last wednesday. at the very moment i was signing the lease and collecting my keys, a fifth of the world’s population tuned in to see an aerial shot of my new neighbourhood on their television sets. the european champion’s league final between real madrid and bayer leverkusen was the occasion everyone was tuning into, but it could be construed as a sign of forthcoming global significance for the trash cans. i thought the germans would win the game, but they were beaten badly by franco’s fascists. after the game was over, i left the pub to go wave in the rain at a line of volkswagon cars draped with droopy loser flags, but got little response to my sonsie, scots cheer. maybe it was a mistake to sign a year’s lease to a flat at the notoriously unlucky end of Hampden Park.

well, until the next time, keep up the postings. and if there’s anything you want us to do for you, let us know and we’ll get stephen to do it as a penance for enjoying himself.

lots of love,