Trashcan Sinatras – On Tour in 2018

glasgow sessions

quick update from june 14, 2002

tcs have finished recording 12 songs, the vocals were completed today. there is one additional song for the strings players to finish. album mixing starts tomorrow and is expected to take 10-12 days, which puts the final completion around the first week of july.

update – june 23, 2002

Hello everyone, this is Stephen Douglas (finally) at your service, out in the ether – at ease! at ease!

I was in Andalucia recently for some R&R so I’ve been unavailable for comment on TCS manouvres. While gone, I saw Spanish churches with fonts made from huge shells and, on the horizon, my first glimpse of our cradle – the motherland, etc. etc. – Africa. “So much perspective”!

I’m going back to my roots next month by wearing a kilt in the ‘modern Douglas’ tartan. I’m an usher at my pal’s wedding and he’s got me playing drums in one of the hymns. Very surreal! What he doesn’t know is I’m planning a drum roll when the minister asks ‘Will you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife….?’ Oh well, I’ve always got ‘Songs of Praise’ to fall back on.

Back in the studio, the recordings are nearing the home strait. Lots of harmonies making us dizzy in between World Cup matches. Some strange goings on around the studio have even got us thinking that the recordings have an unknown power. A freak fire, rains of biblical proportions and a frog at the door at midnight – it can only mean one thing; we’re good.

Paul has mastered spinning drumsticks between his fingers, so he’s on drums for our Van Halen album – I’m only coming in if we do ‘Jump’.

Back soon, no flipping!