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glasgow sessions

update – july 4, 2002

dear all,

album mixing continues apace. so far, 6 songs are at the completed (read:completed-for-now) stage, and they are:

“weightlifting” – a new son of the god somnus (aka hypnos), that insists – as all songs seem to do these days – that everything will be “alright”. we’ll see, though.

“usually” – a sunny saturday morning spent charity shopping left john with a sick attraction for old ladies. in this song, he asks for forgiveness, so help him his god. (in reality, a song about mourning)

“welcome back” – no-one knows more than the tcs that it’s harder to fail in music than it looks. this stubborn song reminds some that blowing one’s own brains out takes a better marksman than they.

“freetime” – you try mixing a glockenspeil so that it doesn’t sound twee and see how long you’re in the studio. this tune and its lyrics go hill-climbing in arran with now-absent friends harmony and sense.

“got carried away” – short film in which paul gets sent a get well soon card from frank. with norman blake as the postman he loved.

‘”country air” – the string section, the sighing vocal, music’s first pastoral wah-wah guitar. somerfield supermarket chain’s next ad.

i hope everyone enjoyed the world cup. i won £12 because i bravely predicted ronaldo would finish top scorer. john did ‘bet’ter: he predicted a germany-brazil final way back at the start. can you believe he only won £25 for such an audacious wager? now is his winner of discontent. hey john-boy, don’t you know – you gotta bet big to win big. actually, he seems happy enough. real benson and hedges for a week!
we hope to have another update for everyone in a week’s time. until then, cheerio.


francis r.

note: tcs head back into the studio on saturday (july 7) to record strings for one final song and more album mixing.