Trashcan Sinatras – On Tour in 2018

glasgow sessions

update – august 10, 2002

since frank’s update above, tcs went back into the studio on july 7-8, intending to record strings for “what women do to men” and finish mixing the remaining songs. as it turns out, the strings players were unable to record, and the band was able to mix 2 additional songs: “all the dark horses” and “it’s a miracle we got anywhere at all”. “i got soul” (i.e. “the j. geils band song”) has also been recorded (twice) and mixed (twice), but the band thinks the song just doesn’t quite work, so it has been moved aside for now. in addition, “prisons,” a song which the band debuted in concert last october, was actually not recorded during these sessions.

what remains are the strings mentioned above, and the mixing of “what women do to men”, “leave me alone” and “trouble sleeping”, which will give tcs 11 songs for the record. it’s possible there could be some addition re-recording or even recording of another song or two down the road, but for now tcs aim to complete these 11 songs before moving on.

tcs have time booked in the studio august 19-21 when they hope to finish up. look for more information and probably a band member update shortly afterwards.