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hartford sessions – march-june 2001

tcs record fourth album (not released)

tcs recorded the new album with producer mike deming at studio .45 in hartford, connecticut. the band spent just over two months in the studio, from march 26, 2000 until leaving on june 1, 2000. tcs decided to record the album ‘live’, meaning that the rhythm tracks were recorded with the entire band playing together, and then other instrumentation, overdubs and vocals were added afterwards. the first three albums were mostly recorded with each band member playing individually. the rhythm tracks were completed prior to bass player grant wilson and keyboard player stevie mulhearn returning to scotland on may 3, with the rest of may primarily spent recording the backing and lead vocals. frank completed recording all of his lead and backing vocals just before returning home on may 26. john, paul and stephen finished the final recordings before leaving on june 1. the mixing of the record is left to mike deming, who will mix a couple songs at a time, then send to tcs for their review.

stephen douglas in the studio

john douglas and grant wilson

tcs started recording leave me alone on march 29. for some of the initial leave me alone takes, frank played the hammond organ while stevie played keyboards, but not on the final take, so the hammond would be added later. during the recording of the rhythm tracks, frank spent most of his time in the control room with mike deming.

after listening to a recent take, tcs discuss whether to keep the take, or keep trying

tcs drew up a list of potential songs to record and there were 17 songs on the list, a few of which didn’t have titles (the country song and the dirge being two of them which were ultimately recorded). there was some debate about whether duty free and co-stars would be re-recorded, and ultimately the consensus was that these songs were b-sides.

frank listens to vocal tracks he just finished recording early wednesday morning, may 24, 2000

mike deming talks about the progress of the recordings as frank looks on, tuesday, may 23, 2000.

following is part of the schedule of what tcs were up to while in the u.s.a.:
mar 21 arrived in new york
mar 23 rehearsal for knitting factory show
mar 24 knitting factory show
mar 26 travel to the recording studio
mar 27-28 set up in the studio
mar 29 recorded rhythm track for leave me alone
mar 30 recorded rhythm track for usually
mar 31-apr 3 travel to/from philadephia for khyber show on 4/2
apr 3 recorded rhythm track for in capitals
apr 4 recorded rhythm track for astronomy
apr 5 recorded rhythm track for the country song
apr 6 recorded rhythm track for the dirge
apr 7-9 travel to/from hoboken for maxwell’s shows on 4/7 and 4/8
apr 10 recorded rhythm track for what women do to men
apr 11 recorded rhythm track for hammer time
apr 12-20 details unavailable
apr 21 travel to new york for knitting factory show
apr 22-24 days off
apr 25-may 2 details unavailable
may 3 grant and stevie went back to scotland
may 3-may 22 details unavailable
may 23 frank finished country song lead and astronomy backing vocals
may 26 frank went back to scotland
may 26-31 details unavailable
june 1 paul, john and stephen left the studio

yes, there are a few gaps, but that gives you an idea of how the sessions were scheduled.

the board
about 1 a.m. on wednesday, may 24, 2000, mike deming sifts through five separate vocal tracks from the country song

when recording vocals, frank would normally record five separate tracks, then he (and mike) would go through to put together one complete version. this would entail picking lines from different tracks and combining them together to come up with the overall best sounding vocal.

frank discovers that the studio microphones are still turned on about 4:30 a.m. wednesday, may 24, 2000.

while frank records, john, stephen and paul enjoy dinner

the recording took longer than expected but this was better than rushing through to complete in the original estimated time. tcs enjoyed themselves in the u.s.a. and are anxious to return, hopefully soon in support of the new album.

[never released as an album]

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