Trashcan Sinatras Wild Pendulum



tentatively scheduled for digital-only release on november 9, 2010, this cd from lo-five records (catalog #LO5021) can be now be pre-ordered in physical form only from the cd features 17 tracks recorded live over the course of two sold out acoustic shows in november 2009 at brel in glasgow. the cd prominently features acoustic performances of nearly every song from the trashcan sinatras’ most recent studio album, in the music. these are the same concerts from which 8 additional live tracks are included on the usa version of in the music. the cd comes in a full color cardboard sleeve.

  1. easy on the eye
  2. prisons
  3. people
  4. freetime
  5. astronomy
  6. i wish you’d met her
  7. in the music
  8. how can i apply…?
  9. i hung my harp upon the willows
  10. i’ll get them in
  11. hammertime
  12. i’m immortal
  13. should i pray?
  14. got carried away
  15. oranges and apples
  16. the engine
  17. i’ve seen everything
brel – acoustic performances from glasgow
$9.99 plus shipping