Trashcan Sinatras

in the music – limited edition
in the music

in the music

in the music is the trashcan sinatras’ most recent studio album! originally available for pre-order beginning may 7, 2009, the in the music limited edition was available in advance of the retail release in the uk/ireland (september 14, 2009) and usa (fall 2009). the limited edition includes:

  • 2 bonus tracks not available anywhere else
  • limited, numbered cd
  • immediate, high quality (320 kb/s) download of the regular 10 track album (does not include bonus tracks)
  • special packaging, photos and liner notes.

lo-five records is having a special sale, with the cd retailing for £8.79. see their web store for more details on the limited edition and other trashcan sinatras cds.