Trashcan Sinatras

live series – radio sessions vol. 2
radio sessions vol 2

radio sessions vol 2

released on june 1, 2010, this cd from bo bame records (catalog #bobame009) features 17 tracks, primarily from radio nd other sessions during the 2009 in the music world tours. the tracks are a combination of acoustic (9 songs) and full band (8 songs) and include at least one song from each of the band’s 5 studio albums, plus one previously unreleased song. the cd comes in a full color cardboard sleeve.

  1. only tongue can tell*
  2. the best man’s fall*
  3. easy read^
  4. hayfever^
  5. i’ve seen everything^
  6. the safecracker^
  7. got carried away^
  8. all the dark horses*
  9. weightlifting*
  10. people^
  11. easy on the eye*
  12. in the music*
  13. i hung my harp upon the willows*
  14. prisons*
  15. oranges and apples^
  16. i wish you’d met her^
  17. stairs of new york*

* = acoustic performance
^ = full band performance

live series – radio sessions volume 2
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