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zebra of the family

zebra of the family

released on march 15, 2003, this out of print double cd set from bo bame records (catalog #bobame003) featured 40 tracks, running 145 minutes. this unique collection included alternate versions, demos, radio sessions or rehearsal recordings of nearly every song from the trashcan sinatras’ first three studio albums, as well as a few previously unreleased songs. a number of songs are sung by different band members. note that the quality of the tracks varies, including studio recordings, studio demos, 4 track demos and cassette recordings.

zebra of the family is now available as a download, with each song encoded as a 256 kb/s mp3. the entire collection comes in a 266 mb .zip file.

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cd 1
1. obscurity knocks shabby road demo, march 1989
2. maybe i should drive radio session, 1990
3. thrupenny tears radio session, summer 1990
4. even the odd shabby road demo, summer 1990
5. the best man’s fall rehearsal tape, 1987
6. funny radio session, 1990
7. only tongue can tell shabby road demo, may 1988
8. you made me feel radio session, summer 1990
9. january’s little joke shabby road demo, january 1990
10. spy theme (instrumental) shabby road recording, 1991
11. easy read shabby road demo, winter 1991
12. hayfever shabby road demo, april 1992
13. bloodrush in vain shabby road demo, march 1992
14. worked a miracle shabby road demo, january 1992
15. i’m immortal shabby road demo, january 1991
16. iceberg shabby road demo, april 1992
17. one at a time shabby road demo, december 1991
18. i’ve seen everything shabby road demo, january 1990
19. the hairy years shabby road demo, january 1992
20. earlies acoustic demo/shabby road demo, winter 1991
21. friendless, hopeless days shabby road recording, 1994
cd 2
1. blowing up shabby road recording, 1994
2. i’m the one who fainted shabby road demo, may 1993
3. outside shabby road recording, april 1994
4. twisted and bent 4 track demo, november 1993
5. unfortunate age shabby road demo, april 1994
6. to sir, with love alternate orchestral recording, 1996
7. the main attraction shabby road demo, april 1994
8. how can i apply…? chords/shabby road demo, march 1994
9. the pop place shabby road recording, june 1994
10. the genius i was rehearsal/4 track demo, june 1994
11. the sleeping policeman shabby road demo, 1995
12. i’ll get them in shabby road demo, 1995
13. the safecracker shabby road demo, 1994
14. the therapist shabby road demo, 1994
15. homeless shabby road demo, 1997
16. aberration sirocco studios, 1986
17. safeway shabby road demo, 1996
18. a worm with a head shabby road demo, 1996
19. weightlifting 1 shabby road demo, 1997
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