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midnight at the troubadour
midnight at the troubadour

midnight at the troubadour


this concert dvd from the midnight show at the troubadour on october 8, 2004 also includes bonus footage from the band’s appearance on kcrw’s morning becomes eclectic and sold out troubadour concert on march 16, 2004. it was released on july 26, 2006.

the shows were filmed with multiple cameras and the midnight show audio was also multi-tracked on pro tools for post-production mixing. the dvd is stereo audio, fullscreen, region free, meaning that it will play on any dvd player, depending on your video format. the dvd is in ntsc format, which is the video format used in north america and japan. note that many pal format (europe) dvd players are also able to play ntsc dvds. prior to ordering, please make sure that your dvd player can play ntsc dvds – the shop will not be accepting returns of dvd orders.

  1. the sleeping policeman
  2. freetime
  3. easy read
  4. all the dark horses
  5. january’s little joke
  6. it’s a miracle
  7. twisted and bent
  8. got carried away
  9. the genius i was
  10. i must fly
  11. i’m the one who fainted
  12. orange fell
  13. the main attraction
  14. country air
  15. i’m immortal
  16. weightlifting
  17. welcome back
  18. the hairy years
  19. the safecracker

bonus content
march 16, 2004 – kcrw session

  1. how can i apply…?
  2. interview
  3. the safecracker

march 16, 2004 – the troubadour

  1. how can i apply…?
  2. funny
  3. send for henny
  4. leave me alone
  5. a coda
  6. the best man’s fall
  7. trouble sleeping
  8. hayfever
  9. what women do to men
  10. obscurity knocks
midnight at the troubadour dvd
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