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we hate it when we buy products online and the shipping costs charged by sellers are a profit center, clearly in excess of actual shipping costs.

at, we want you to know our shipping policies and charges upfront.

our intent is not to make a profit on shipping charges. item prices in the store exclude shipping costs (with the exception of t-shirts shipping outside of north america. t-shirts are the heaviest items to ship and greatly affect postage prices, especially at different sizes. as a result, a partial shipping cost is built into the price). shipping charges are based on the total cost of your order and have been estimated by evaluating historical shipping costs for orders in various price ranges. as actual shipping costs are based on the weight of your order, sometimes the actual cost of postage and shipping supplies may be less than the shipping charges you pay, sometimes they may be more. however, we have tried to set general shipping charges that are reasonably close to what the actual cost of postage and supplies should be.  we periodically review actual shipping costs compared to the default shipping costs sharged in the store and adjust as necessary.

most orders are shipped from the united states. orders shipped within the united states are sent via first class mail. depending on your order, you may be upgraded to priority mail shipping with delivery confirmation. orders shipped outside of the united states are sent via airmail.

all payments are securely processed by paypal but you do not need to have a paypal account to order. you can pay using your paypal account or a credit card (visa, mastercard, american express, discover).

prices are subject to change without notice.

shipping charges are based on the amount of your order.

shipping charges (us$)
order amount (us$) united states rest of the world
0 – 9.99
10.00 – 29.99
30.00 – 49.99
50.00 – 99.99


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