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Trashcan Sinatras

Best Of - CD-R

Best Of - CD-R

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This is an extremely rare promo CD-R that was used for radio promotion alongside the band's 2010 In The Music USA tour. Features 24 songs spanning the band's first five albums from Cake through In The Music. The band's radio plugger used this radio sampler to line up in-studio and other promo sessions during the tour.

We're not sure of the exact count, but there were maybe a couple hundred CD-Rs created and we just located a few copies in storage. Comes shrink wrapped in a jewel case with full color front/back insert. You can easily make your own playlist with these songs - this is more for the completists looking to own a much sought-after original promo item. Catalog BoTSpro-1.

1. Only Tongue Can Tell 13. The Genius I Was
2. Obscurity Knocks 14. The Therapist
3. The Best Man's Fall 15. Welcome Back
4. Easy Read 16. Got Carried Away
5. Hayfever 17. All The Dark Horses
6. Bloodrush 18. Freetime
7. I'm Immortal 19. It's A Miracle
8. Send For Henny 20. Weightlifting (edit)
9. I've Seen Everything 21. People (edit)
10. Twisted And Bent 22. Easy On The Eye
11. The Main Attraction 23. Prisons
12. How Can I Apply...? 24. I Wish You'd Met Her (edit)
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