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Trashcan Sinatras

Weightlifting EP - CD

Weightlifting EP - CD

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This CD was released in March 2004 ahead of the band's appearance at SXSW and featured 3 songs from the (at the time) unreleased Weightlifting album, as well as a soundboard recording from a concert during the A Happy Pocket tour at Le Bataclan in Paris from November 10, 1996. This extremely rare CD is long out of print, but we've just found a few copies in storage. Note that the CD case has a crack(s) and the front insert may have some fading. Catalog BOBAME005.

1. All The Dark Horses

2. Usually

3. Weightlifting

4. The Sleeping Policeman (live)

5. Hayfever (live)

6. How Can I Apply...? (live)

7. Easy Read (live)

8. The Main Attraction (live)

9. Send For Henny (live)

10. The Hairy Years (live)

11. A Boy And A Girl (live)

12. I've Seen Everything (live)

13. The Safecracker (live)

14. The Therapist (live)


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