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Trashcan Sinatras

A Happy Pocket - Vinyl

A Happy Pocket - Vinyl

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The Trashcan Sinatras' 3rd album, originally released in 1996, has been remastered and comes as a double vinyl in various colors. This collection features the original album across three sides and select B-sides from that era on the fourth side. Lyrics for all songs are included. New blue variant now available!

 Side 1 Side 3
1. Outside 1. I Must Fly
2. Twisted And Bent 2. I'll Get Them In
3. Unfortunate Age 3. The Safecracker
4. To Sir, With Love 4. The Therapist
5. Make Yourself At Home
Side 4
Side 2 1. No Gasoline
1. The Main Attraction 2. Aberration
2. How Can I Apply...? 3. Save Me
3. The Pop Place 4. Claw
4. The Genius I Was 5. A Boy And A Girl
5. The Sleeping Policeman 6. Jane's Estranged


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