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Trashcan Sinatras

Cake - CD

Cake - CD

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We've saved the first for last, and our final CD re-issue will be our debut album Cake!

Originally released in 1990, Cake gets the remastered treatment as a deluxe CD, including the 6 B-sides from that era. 

1. Obscurity Knocks

2. Maybe I Should Drive

3. Thrupenny Tears

4. Even The Odd

5. The Best Man's Fall

6. Circling The Circumference

7. Funny

8. Only Tongue Can Tell

9. You Made Me Feel

10. January's Little Joke

11. Drunken Chorus

12. Who's He

13. Useless

14. Tonight You Belong To Me

15. My Mistake

16. White Horses

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