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Trashcan Sinatras

Fez - CD

Fez - CD

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During their unplugged tour after the release of Weightlifting, John, Frank, Paul and Stephen played two sold-out shows at Fez In New York City on December 4-5, 2004. Recorded from the soundboard, the result is this live CD, released in 2005. Catalog PIC009.

1. Easy Read

2. All The Dark Horses

3. Got Carried Away

4. How Can I Apply...?

5. Wild Mountainside

6. Freetime

7. The Best Man's Fall

8. I'm Immortal

9. Hayfever

10. Leave Me Alone

11. Only Tongue Can Tell

12. What Women Do To Men

13. Drunken Chorus

14. You Made Me Feel

15. Send For Henny

16. Earlies

17. The Safecracker

18. In Capitals

19. Trouble Sleeping

20. Weightlifting

21. The Therapist

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