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Trashcan Sinatras

Zebra Of The Family 2 - CD

Zebra Of The Family 2 - CD

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Released in 2019, this compilation features 20 previously unreleased songs, demos and alternate recordings from the Weightlifting and In The Music eras. Catalog BoBame011.

The CD was released to raise funds in light of PledgeMusic's bankruptcy, which owed the band more than half of the funds it collected from the All Night In America project. The band was left to pay pledge campaign costs and fulfill orders on their own.

1. Got Carried Away (4 track demo)

2. Freetime (4 track demo)

3. It's A Miracle (4 track demo)

4. Leave Us Alone (Shabby Road demo)

5. What Women Do To Men (Hartford sessions)

6. Usually (Hartford sessions)

7. Country Air (Hartford sessions)

8. Astronomy (Hartford sessions)

9. Leave Me Alone (Hartford sessions)

10. Weightlifting (Hartford sessions)

11. The Dirge (Hartford sessions)

12. People (Glasgow demo)

13. Easy On the Eye (Glasgow demo)

14. In the Music (Glasgow demo)

15. Prisons (Glasgow demo)

16. Oranges and Apples (Glasgow demo)

17. The Engine (Glasgow demo)

18. Paint the Town (Glasgow demo)

19. Down and Out in New York City (Glasgow demo)

20. The Stairs of New York (Radio session)

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